Can gutters be rerouted?

Redirecting roof runoff is as simple as adding a downspout extension. These are plastic (PVC) or metal extensions that adhere to the underside of the existing downspout. The extension must carry roof runoff at least three to five feet away from your home to prevent any water damage to your house or to the foundation. As rainwater falls from the roof of your house into the gutters, downspouts empty the gutters, collecting the rainwater and moving it away from the house.

Sometimes, water accumulates under the drain pipe and can cause flooding and other damage to the home. Use this information on how to redirect rainwater from a downspout to protect your home from water damage. I would like to put some downspouts in the opposite corners of the house. That side of the patio tilts towards the street and I think it would make more sense.

Unfortunately, there are sidewalks that need to be treated. What type of contractor do I call: gutter? concrete? excavator?. Obviously, no one had the courage to tell the owner of Gary's Gutters of Rockland, New York, that a television commercial featuring a plump, curly white man rapping about gutter cleaning and roofing services was a bad idea. When installed, gutters are placed with a slight slope towards the downspouts that accumulate and divert rain runoff away from the house.

Nowadays, most homes aren't built with rain gutters and it's up to the homeowner to bear the costs.

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