When should you clean gutters before winter?

In general terms, one of the optimal times to clean gutters is when the season changes from autumn to winter and the last leaves fall. This time of year is also an ideal opportunity to receive any necessary gutter repairs before the Midwest winter begins. People who suffer from asthma or are susceptible to allergies will be especially affected by the increase in harmful mold, spores and fungi in the air. By cleaning gutters before winter, you can remove and destroy potentially harmful contaminants before they pose a serious health risk.

Most experts agree that the best time of year to clean gutters is in spring and fall. Cleaning in early spring will help clear all leaves and debris from the gutters and will ensure that rain can flow freely into the gutters. A fall clean will remove all those fresh, dry leaves before winter comes and leave them soaked. Cleaning gutters in the cold isn't an easy or fun task.

Snow and ice can make difficult and possibly dangerous work even more slippery. Cold weather can also affect the health of shingles, making them more brittle and easier to damage. Why put yourself or your home at risk when you can call the professionals at Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning to take care of your gutters for you? Our certified professionals will not only clean your gutters for dirt and mud, but they will also inspect your system for cracks and leaks. With Ned Stevens, you can rest assured that your home will be protected during the unpredictability of the winter season.

Dirty gutters covered with soil and debris are breeding grounds for pests and insects. And if they can reach the gutters to reproduce, it's very likely that they'll find their way inside. In addition, leaving rotten leaves in gutters during the winter will cause mold, which can build up underneath eaves. And eventually, those mold spores can contaminate your home's interior environment.

If you already have a family member who is susceptible to allergies and respiratory diseases, not cleaning the gutters can cause potential harm. When a gutter system doesn't work properly, the water doesn't drain as it should; it basically freezes directly into the gutter to form an ice dam. The gutter protectors as a whole, whether made of foam or any other material, can cause serious problems with the gutter system. Often, people only think about cleaning their gutters after fall, when leaves and debris are at their highest, or in spring, when rains may be heaviest.

If you need to clean your gutters or need your gutters repaired or replaced, contact Ferris Home Improvement of Delaware. Clogging gutters can also cause problems with the roof, old age causes shingles to break, and dirt settles in gutters. The small amount of money needed to clean gutters pales compared to repairing them, replacing them, or even needing a roof repair. Taking care of gutters in the cold winter months may seem like a daunting task, however, it is perhaps the most important time for a gutter system to work optimally.

We strongly recommend that you contact a gutter or roof repair company for a thorough review and proper maintenance of your gutter system. Installing gutter protectors, pruning trees, staying aware of the weather, and scheduling routine cleanings will help protect gutters. Although most people think that gutter cleaning is an activity reserved for summer, spring and fall, it's important to clean gutters before winter. However, cleaning gutters before winter will reduce the overall likelihood of a pest, making them your winter home.

Since gutters will most likely experience an increase in water and snow flow during torrential downpours or severe snow storms, it is important that the gutters are clean and able to keep water or melted snow away from your home. While it may seem tempting to try to clean the gutters yourself, you should invest in a professional service to prevent gutter clogging. While most of us think that gutters are important during the warm spring and summer months, when rains are common, cleaning gutters during the fall is just as important. .


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