Why don t texas homes have gutters?

It's HOT in Texas and much of the state doesn't rain much. That's probably why some houses in the state don't have gutters, but that doesn't mean it never rains there. Installing gutters in your Texas home, while not required by law, is still a good idea. This is because rainwater or snow that can flow over the roof and reach the floor surrounding the house can damage the foundation, which can be an expensive repair.

However, a gutter system will safely channel all the water in your home and foundation, greatly reducing the risk of damage. Any amount of rain or water that doesn't drain properly will damage the foundation of the house. Gutters are also essential to prevent problems other than water damage or rain damage. In reality, gutters are not needed in Texas (depending on location and soil type), especially in the DFW area.

The house I had didn't really need gutters and all I really did was install soaking hoses around the base to keep the soil moisture constant and make them work when needed. Another reason you need gutters in Texas is to protect your landscape. When rainwater accumulates around foundations, it can damage flowers and plants. The gutters help keep rainwater away from the landscape so it can flourish.

Without gutters, stormwater runoff can damage the boards and facade cladding, causing the exterior to lose its aesthetic appeal. That said, it doesn't hurt to have gutters and it will definitely help prevent water from leaving your home during the heavy rains that will occur. The total cost of replacing gutters will vary depending on the size of your home and the type of gutter you choose. If you're looking for gutters for your Texas home, you should also look for built-in features, not optional add-ons, that prevent the gutters from clogging.

If a house has existed without gutters for a long time and has never been damaged, the homeowner might assume that the house simply doesn't need gutters.

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